What's New?

Q When will you be putting out new applications?

New information regarding newly completed products will be announced through the media, such as newspapers, magazines, advertisements and on
TV, and on our home page as soon as these products are ready.
So stay tuned for our announcements!

Q How can I find out more about XaxiX products?

A New information regarding newly completed products will be announced in the newspapers and on TV, and on this web site as soon as these products are ready.
Feel free to visit our site as often as you like.

Q What is the educational aspects of the system?

A There are many approach to education, such as lifelong learning, and something specialized in specific subject, etc. Our basic aspect for Education is to enrich peoples lives, regardless of age and sex.

Of course this doesn't mean we deny education contents for early childhood educations, or contents specialized in specific subject. We will provide distinctive, outstanding and unique contents for our XaviXEducation as well as our other lines.

XaviX - What's that?

The XaviXPORT is the gateway to interactive home entertainment powered by you! Rediscover the magic of television and experience true interactivity with the revolutionary XaviXPORT system. Instantly turn any room into a fun, interactive sports and fitness environment with exciting applications that you power with XaviX wireless controllers. Set up is as easy as connecting the red, white and yellow jacks to your TV! Participate in your favorite sports with the entire family. Get up and exercise with Jackie Chan Fitness products, or just sit back, relax, and enjoy XaviXBassFISHING. The XaviXPORT system incorporates multichannel infrared, optical and radio frequency sensors so you truly control interaction with your television.

XaviX applications range from Baseball to Golf to Bowling, and include Jackie Chan’s J-MAT and POWERBOXING. Using revolutionary design approach the XaviX single chip multi-processor is embedded in each system cartridge so you will never need to buy another XaviXPORT. Get XaviXPORT, get your favorite XaviX sports and fitness applications, get up and get active!

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A Lifestyle System

The XaviXPORT® System provides fun, interactive ways for you to maintain or improve your Lifestyle in the Comfort of your Home, or wherever there is a Television. With XaviX, you can Participate in Sports, Increase your Fitness, Socialize with Family and Friends, Watch Your Health, Educate yourself and your Family and Engage in Leisure Time Activities.
XaviX..... It’s a Lifestyle!
TITE - Saudi Arabia is the sole authorized distibutor of XaviXPort in the Middle East - Hotline - 8001257777 - info@XaviX.com.sa