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xavixFor the first time in Middle East and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tareq Ibrahim Trading Establishment introduces XAVIXPORT to the market. Click Here!

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xavixXavix has been formally launched in the Saudi Market. Please view our newspaper ads. Click Here

Jackie Chan is known as the best action star in the world. He is also well respected for his choreography which combines martial arts and dance.  
  AEROSTEP with Jacky
Features & Modes

Step up your cardio fitness with a trainer who knows
all the right moves - Jackie Chan. With the XaviX System Cartridge and wireless J-MAT, it's like you're in Jackie's fitness studio.


Jackie Chan and XaviX have teamed up to bring you and your family interactive fitness choreographed by Jackie! Whether you already exercise regularly, are just beginning, or simply want to have some fun, J-MAT® gets you moving like nothing you’ve experienced before.

AEROSTEP is made of durable and flexible materials that have been engineered to withstand the test of time! It wirelessly transmits your actions to the TV through XaviXPORT. The System tracks your overall performance, calorie burn, total numbers of steps and exercise time.


A Lifestyle System

The XaviXPORT® System provides fun, interactive ways for you to maintain or improve your Lifestyle in the Comfort of your Home, or wherever there is a Television. With XaviX, you can Participate in Sports, Increase your Fitness, Socialize with Family and Friends, Watch Your Health, Educate yourself and your Family and Engage in Leisure Time Activities.
XaviX..... It’s a Lifestyle!


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TITE - Saudi Arabia is the sole authorized distibutor of XaviXPort in the Middle East - Hotline - 8001257777 - info@XaviX.com.sa